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TestimonialMcGill University, Montreal
"After spending many years at Auxerre, I was extremely disappointed when I was released. Now, thanks to EDUSPORTUSA, I am living in Montreal and studying towards a great degree at one of the top universities in the world. I still hope to do something in football though now, I have a degree that will secure my long term future."
Yohann Capolungo

TestimonialPoint Loma Nazarene University, San Diego
"After leaving the Youth Academy at Toulouse FC, playing soccer for a university in the US became a dream for me. Thanks to EDUSPORTUSA it came true. It's one of the best experience I'll ever have in life and I'm enjoying it every single day."
Francois Furlan

Testimonial Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven
"The opportunity of playing football whilst studying simultaneously in the United States is an experience that is second to none. Competing weekly against quality players and achieving academically is the perfect environment to succeed and develop as a player and as a person. I would fully recommend anyone considering this opportunity to go for it as the opportunity of success is high with EDUSPORTUSA."
Paul Templeton

"Going to school here in America really changed my life. I got my education while playing a good level of soccer, making friends and getting education all at the same time. This was probably the best four years of my life; I made friends from all around the world and got my education paid for all at the same time. I was lucky enough to win the NCAA championship and several individual awards. It was just an amazing experience and although I was scared to move at first, it was probably the best decision I made in my life. I would definitely recommend EDUSPORTUSA to anyone thinking about studying in the USA." - Roy Fink

TestimonialEx Scotland, Rangers, Birmingham, Aston Villa Manager
"The opportunity for young players to use their sporting talent to gain a valuable education in the USA is something that should be taken very seriously. EDUSPORTUSA can help provide young Sportsmen and women with professional guidance and assistance throughout the process of securing a sports scholarship in the USA". - Alex McLeish

Testimonial Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York

"EDUSPORTUSA has been for me the chance of a lifetime: Sport at a high level of competition and to study in a great school in the city of all opportunities: New York! I am about to open the door of success and EDUSPORTUSA is the key!" - Moussa Touré

TestimonialSheffield United International Academy Director
"As football continues to evolve with success and failure determined by variables, it is more important than ever that young footballers are mentally prepared for a career outside of professional football. Therefore it is inevitable, that there will be players who do not make it in the game and in these cases we need to provide an exit strategy fitting their academic and technical ability. With this in mind, I would recommend EDUSPORTUSA programme as a positive alternative to professional football." - Gordon Young

TestimonialUS Soccer Federation
"Before becoming a professional and captaining the US National team, I came through the US scholarship program at the University of Virginia, so understand the opportunities available through such a program. Professional soccer is a very uncertain career and the benefits of a full time education can not be underestimated. EDUSPORTUSA can help young athletes use their sporting talent to earn a valuable education at an American University and should they be successful, the option of becoming professional after completing their degree is still a realistic one." - Claydio Reyna

TestimonialAdelphi University, New York
"My first season in New York went very well. I scored 16 goals in 18 games and selected in all conference and all American freshmen teams. I am living in a great city playing at a very good level with fantastic facilities. I would recommend EDUSPORTUSA to any young player in my position" Issa Tall

International School of Brussels - Athletic Director

"EDUSPORTUSA can help alleviate the financial burden of a university education in the USA. They are well placed to provide a financial solution through the Athletic Scholarship program and I would recommend this service to any young athlete wishing to study in the USA." - Jason Baseden


"I finished school at 17 after getting my A levels and also being released from a professional club. I got the opportunity to go over to the USA on a soccer scholarship, which I was completely undecided on because I wanted to play football professionally. But I ended up going over and thouroughly enjoyed the experience. At the end of the four years I had a degree which I hope to use in the future and was also lucky enough to play in the MLS once I was finished. I would highly recommend going over to the US to college and using EDUSPORTUSA would be a great way to make the most of your sporting ability and gain an education. My PE teacher at school had contacts in America and helped me find a college, who was willing to offer me a scholarship. However if you don't have contacts in the US, EDUSPORTUSA is a great alternative to use." - Andy Dorman

TestimonialAmerican School of Paris - Athletic Director
"EDUSPORT USA can support young talented athletes who are looking to combine their academics with a sporting career. They have contacts to assist young athletes for possible scholarships." - Han Hoegan

Testimonial National Centre of Technique Clairefontaine, FFF

"A Scholarship in the USA is a fantastic way for young sportsmen and women to pursue an academic and sporting career. The system in the US allows young athletes to work towards a degree whilst continuing to develop their sporting talent. This way, fulfilling their potential on and off the field." - Andre Merelle


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